Class: WebAudioNodes


new webaudio.WebAudioNodes (context) overrides

Name Type Description
context webaudio.WebAudioContext

The audio context.



webaudio.WebAudioNodes.BUFFER_SIZE number static

The buffer size for script processor, default is 0 which auto-detects. If you plan to use script node on iOS, you'll need to provide a non-zero amount.

Default Value:
  • 0

analyser AnalyserNode readonly

Get the analyser node

bufferSize number readonly

Get buffer size of ScriptProcessorNode.

bufferSource AudioBufferSourceNode readonly

Get the buffer source node

context webaudio.WebAudioContext readonly

Reference to the SoundContext

gain GainNode readonly

Get the gain node

script ScriptProcessorNode readonly

Get the script processor node.


cloneBufferSource () SourceClone

Clones the bufferSource. Used just before playing a sound.

Type Description
SourceClone The clone AudioBufferSourceNode.

destroy () void overrides

Cleans up.

Inherited Properties

From class Filterable

destination AudioNode inherited

The destination output audio node

The collection of filters.