Class: WebAudioInstance


A single play instance that handles the AudioBufferSourceNode.


  • PIXI.utils.EventEmitter



filters filters.Filter[]

The collection of filters.

id number readonly

The current unique ID for this instance.

loop boolean

If the sound instance should loop playback

muted boolean

true if the sound is muted

paused boolean overrides

Pauses the sound.

progress number overrides

The current playback progress from 0 to 1.

speed number

Set the instance speed from 0 to 1

volume number

Get the set the volume for this instance from 0 to 1


destroy () void

Don't use after this.

init (media) void

Initializes the instance.

Name Type Description
media webaudio.WebAudioMedia

play (options) void

Plays the sound.

Name Type Description
options PlayOptions

Play options.

refresh () void

Refresh loop, volume and speed based on changes to parent

refreshPaused () void

Handle changes in paused state, either globally or sound or instance

set (name, value) this

Set a property by name, this makes it easy to chain values

Name Type Description
name "speed" | "volume" | "muted" | "loop" | "paused"

Name of the property to set.

value number | boolean

Value to set property to.

Type Description

stop () void overrides

Stops the instance, don't use after this.

toString () string

To string method for instance.

Type Description
string The string representation of instance.

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