It is a library for arranging/resizing pixi rendered elements basing on css like configs. It is made for simple and fast implementation of the responsive user interfaces in your games.

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Depending on your version of PixiJS, you'll need to figure out which major version of PixiLayout to use.

PixiJS PixiLayout
v7.x v1.x
v8.x v2.x


npm i @pixi/layout


import { Layout } from "@pixi/layout";

new Layout({
    content: {
        content: Sprite.from("bunny.png"),
        styles: {
            position: "center",
            maxWidth: "100%",
            minHeight: "100%",
    styles: {
        background: "red",
        position: "center",
        width: `100%`,
        height: `100%`,


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